Extra definition

Need to perfect your elevator pitch? The ability to describe yourself quickly and succinctly is essential to any business, yet complex organisations in highly technical sectors often find it especially tricky. This was true of The Health Foundation, an independent healthcare charity that needed help expressing their who, what and why. Together’s award-winning rebrand looked at every aspect of their communications, and we worked closely with them to pin down the tone of voice and messaging.

Among other things, we developed a collection of tenets; statements that clearly expressed their different functions and beliefs. These found their way onto everything from mugs and bags to presentations, and we backed it up with a comprehensive set of language guidelines to help them express themselves in more depth. The work was welcomed with enthusiasm and relief around the business, proving once again that you really need to understand yourself before you can expect others to understand you.

Client The Health Foundation
Skills Brand language development, Print, Promotion
Working with Together Design
Accolades Design Week Benchmarks Award 2011.

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