Genetically modified

We’re often asked to write things on subjects we know nothing about. Being curious types, we love the learning that comes with these challenges. When we were asked to craft a video script about the cutting-edge scientific process of gene editing, we eagerly donned our thinking caps. Our initial ignorance was useful, as the challenge was to make this mindboggling complexity easily understandable for people with no prior knowledge – people just like us, in other words.

Working closely with the geniuses at Blast, and with plenty of scientific input from the boffins at the Wellcome Trust, we developed and honed the script, which was then beautifully brought to life by ace animators Nipple. The final video achieves its aims perfectly, clearly explaining the principles, simply outlining the science bit, and deftly tiptoeing through the ethical minefield. And crucially, it does it all in a way that even we could understand.

Client Wellcome Trust
Skills Scriptwriting
Working with Blast, Nipple

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