Best of British

There are plenty of good reasons why John Lewis is Britain’s most trusted retailer, and their finely honed tone of voice is one of them. We’ve been working closely with the in-house creative team at this remarkable company for several years, on dozens of projects encompassing everything from packaging and point of sale, to brand extensions and internal comms. It’s been an education to experience the John Lewis phenomenon from up close, during a time when they’ve very politely ruled the high street.

Along the way we’ve mastered the subtleties of their tone of voice, and we understand the way it helps create an uniquely strong bond of trust (and it’s fair to say ‘love’) between brand and customer. To the casual observer the John Lewis voice might seem effortless, but actually it’s a delicate, beautifully considered thing. Smart but not smug. Warm without being overfamiliar. Always informative but never pushy. And just like with all the best voices, you instantly recognise to whom it belongs.

Client John Lewis
Skills Packaging, Point of sale, Print, Promotion
Working with John Lewis in-house design team

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