Learning in motion

The world’s largest learning company, Pearson has a vast and complex portfolio of more than 1000 products and services. As part of their rebrand, and in support of their evolution to a digital and services-led learning business, they needed to make sense of their portfolio. Working with Together Design and Pearson’s brand team, we were commissioned to write the script for a product overview video to quickly and engagingly encapsulate the scope of their offer.

We then developed a suite of videos for some of their key products and services, including digital assessment tools, online learning management systems, and global language standards used by millions of learners around the world. We’d already helped develop and define Pearson’s brand tone of voice, and in combination with the vibrant animations, we cut through the complexity and brought these powerful products to life in simple and engaging ways for their audiences.

Client Pearson
Skills Scriptwriting
Working with Pearson brand team

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