Off the shelf

In retail so much comes down to how the product performs on shelf. It’s very simple; if it fails to engage with the customer, there’s a good chance they won’t buy it. In tandem with great design, effective pack copy balances clarity and personality, to create that last piece of magnetism that moves a product from shelf to hand to till. With space at a premium and a set of competing objectives at work, there’s a rigorous problem-solving dimension to writing packaging copy, and it’s a discipline that we relish.

We’ve channeled our wealth of retail packaging experience into a host of projects for John Lewis, working closely with their in-house brand creative team and other design suppliers. Amongst many standout projects, we developed solutions to bring clarity and desirability to the retailer’s bedding and sheeting ranges, both in tandem with the good folk at Charlie Smith Design. And we’ve given personality and energy to hundreds of children’s toys in John Lewis’ much-loved own brand range.

Client John Lewis
Skills Copywriting, Packaging
Working with John Lewis in-house design team

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