Breakfast of champions

We’ve spent enough half-awake mornings blearily perusing the backs of cereal packets to know that they’re one of the most-read bits of copy. So we were delighted to help Together Design create Yoosli, a radical DIY muesli concept that lets you choose your ingredients and create your individual breakfast recipe.
From the Honey Monster to Tony the Tiger, our favourite cereals all feature characters, so we created five loveable Yoosli ambassadors. Using tone of voice and illustration we brought to life a unique ‘muesliverse’ filled with quirky characters, all sharing a love of muesli. The strapline we wrote them summed it up perfectly: ‘individual muesli for individual folk’. And the rest of the copy is fabulous fun, mixing touches of slapstick with faux-radical manifesto to create an engaging experience through every touchpoint, from site to pack and advertising.
Yoosli quickly captured lots of press attention and plenty of love from customers, and ultimately secured itself a highly sought-after spot on the shelves at Waitrose.

Client Yoosli
Skills Brand language development, Packaging, Web copy
Working with Together Design
Accolades Shortlisted for the FAB Awards 2014.

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