Image is everything

This cutting-edge interiors company fuses the latest print technology with a vast range of unique and exclusive imagery, letting you create and customise stunning interiors prints at scale on walls, canvases and pretty much anywhere else. The website is at the heart of what they do, and our challenge was to reveal the infinite creative possibilities on offer at Surface View, then help customers enjoy their journey through the visually stunning but potentially daunting process of choosing what they want.

Working with brilliant brand thinker and content strategist Lucy Woodward, we wrote the original website and other collateral, plus a subsequent version which adapted to the growing sophistication of their offer. We also created the copy for Fabpixi, their spin-off service which launched in 2013. To take something very complex and make it simple yet still thrilling and stylish, is a tough trick to carry off. But we did, and Surface View is now a constant presence at the sharp end of modern interiors.

Client Surface View
Skills Brand development, Brand language, Web copy
Working with Lucy Woodward

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