Up for the download

Dubbed the ‘iTunes with a conscience’, Fairshare Music launched in 2010. A music download site donating 50% of its profits to charity, this pioneering digital/ethical crossover was an appealing proposition to a generation of music lovers looking for a non-corporate alternative to Apple’s all-conquering behemoth. Our talented friends at Traffic Digital brought us in to work on the launch, and we were given the luxury of a blank page on which to build the brand language from the ground up.
So we developed a toolkit featuring everything they needed to get started; strapline, key messages, launch ads, boilerplate copy, website copy and full tone of voice guidelines. The service launched to great acclaim, and our work bagged a prestigious MEGA award, amongst other gongs and nominations. Three years of thrills followed, but going up against Apple was never going to be easy, and sadly Fairshare ceased rocking in 2014. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and their brief existence encapsulated that old rock ‘n’ roll ethos: that it’s better to burn out than fade away.

Client Fairshare Music
Skills Advertising, Brand language development, Web copy
Working with Traffic Digital
Accolades 2011 Media Guardian Award. Music Week Awards – Best Consumer Facing Digital Music Service. BIMA Awards – Best Retail Service + Best Charity Campaign.

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