A small, good thing

How can we encourage companies to do business in socially responsible ways? Trading for Good might just be the answer. It’s a not-for-profit venture that helps smaller companies do lots of good stuff like supporting charities, reducing their environmental impact and helping young people into work. Trading for Good then gives these companies a forum to showcase their good works, letting customers consider different criteria when deciding who to buy from.
It’s a smart idea and one we liked the sound of. So we were pleased when those right-thinking types at Blast asked us to develop the copy for the launch, encompassing brand language, the all-important website and various other bits and bobs. Unravelling the complexities of the scheme, we discovered the simple truth about Trading for Good – that it’s actually good for everyone. Nice warm glows all round, in other words. More of this kind of thing, please.

Client Trading for Good
Skills Brand language, Copywriting, Digital
Working with Blast

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